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To celebrate 25 years in production, the couple have commissioned sculptor, lighting and furniture designer Gareth Devonald Smith to create a special celebratory table lamp (pictured) – as a centrepiece to a new capsule lighting collection that launches at the London Design Festival this week.

Classic, organic, sculptural and yet suitably of the moment, with its highly patinated bronze and brass finish, Devonald Smith began his work on the XXV lamp by modelling shapes for the base decoration out of individual pieces of clay. The finished pieces were then sand-cast and attached to the rigid central stem, so that, says Devonald Smith, they almost appear to float. “The idea was to create a strong and very purposeful signature piece, which represented Andrew and Sarah’s commitment to artistry and their outstanding achievement over the past 25 years,” he says. “As such, XXV has a rather totemic, sentinel feel – a guard standing to attention saluting the next 25 years.”

FT – How to spend it

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