A-Gent of Style – Fabrice Bana

Gareth’s work is more than just decorative: whether you want to call for instance his light suspensions ‘sculptural lights’ or ‘light structures’, the word ‘chandelier’ is somehow not quite befitting and almost reductive as chandeliers can too often conjure up classic images of a Louis XV Rococo glitzy pendant or a Murano glass light fitting. And Gareth’s pieces are much more than that. Their post-modernist look – you certainly couldn’t call his work ‘traditional’ – is already timeless and difficult to classify. I asked Gareth if he was influenced by other artists but he explained he doesn’t consciously associate his work with any other artists or knowingly feel influenced by external visual factors. “I work in a bit of a vacuum” he said. “People say my work has an odd quality to it, and I think it’s because I work from inside myself, rather than looking outside”.


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